Northeastern Section Younger Chemists Committee

UPDATE: Event rescheduled!

Hello everyone,

As I am sure you are aware, we have a winter storm coming our way tonight! The Battle of the Elevator Speeches event will be rescheduled for next Tuesday February 3rd at 6:00 pm at the same location (Tavern in the Square- Central)

There’s still time to register and again you DON’T have to prepare a slide, just prepare your speech.

Hope to see you there!


Update: Battle of the Elevator Speeches Event

Hello NSYCC!

There’s still plenty of time to register for Monday’s event. We’ve even made the power point slide optional. Now you just need to have a two minute talk prepared and a white board will be provided for necessarily doodling!

Email events@nsycc.org to register. Hope to see you there!

Event: Battle of the Elevator Speeches!


Imagine you’ve entered an elevator with the boss/CEO/senior scientist of your dream job; you only have the duration of the elevator ride to promote yourself and talk about your area of expertise. This “elevator speech” is an essential part of networking in any career. The goal of this event is to give young chemists the chance to practice your pitch in a casual, supportive setting so that you’ll be prepared for the competitive world of job hunting! Participants will have two minutes (maximum) and one PowerPoint slide to convey their research to the group. A panel will judge each speaker and the winner will be awarded with a prize!
Each presentation will be judged upon:
  • Background Information
  • Big Picture/Applications
  • Depth of the chemistry
  • Communication
  • Timing
The televisions are quite small for a presentation, so think carefully about what will be on the slide!
Remember to register by e-mailing events@nsycc.org with the presenters name, research title and your one PowerPoint slide.

Pictures from the ACS Webinar on October 7th

Thank you to all those who joined us at Tavern in the Square this past week! Despite internet issues, we had a great time socializing and got a chance to practice “speaking simply” about what we do.

Stay tuned for more events!

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ACS Swag and Raffle Items!

IMG_4236 (2)

Webinar in action

IMG_4231 FullSizeRender

Left to Right: Alyssa Napier our awesome Secretary rocking the ACS sash, Social Chair Ray Borg who organized the event


Chair-Elect Felicia Lucci and the current Chair Jackie O’Neil showing the ACS love.

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A great turn-out!

NESACS Future of Chemistry Symposium Early Bird Registration Ends October 29th!

NESACS Future of Chemistry Symposium and Networking Reception


With guest speaker Professor Wilhelm Boland from the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology and several other scientists from the local area. The speakers will discuss binding free energies, chemical ecology, oncology, beta-cell regeneration (diabetes), cell death, and the future of chemistry.

Come join us for a half-day symposium and evening networking reception, organized by The Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society (www.nesacs.org) and hosted by Novartis-NIBR (www.nibr.com). The talks will focus on the important of chemistry to each project, program, or challenge. Entrepreneurs, scientists, and job seekers will gain useful insights from each speaker’s talk and from the networking reception to follow.

Thursday, November 13, 2014 from 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM (EST)

Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research

220 Massachusetts Ave

Cambridge, MA 02139

Follow the link here to register!

ACS Public Policy Fellowship Programs

Hello everyone! If you have a Masters degree and are interested in advocating for scientists in DC then this fellowship program is for you!


ACS Policy Fellowships are a great opportunity to explore career paths in science advocacy and for chemists to gain skills needed to branch into new careers. The ACS offers two distinct fellowships to help chemists enter the policy arena: the ACS Congressional Fellowship and the ACS Science Policy Fellowship. Fellows jump right into the policy environment and interact with many people of varied backgrounds, giving them a broad perspective on how science impacts society.

ACS Congressional Fellows have the opportunity to spend a year as a staff member in the office of a Senator, Representative, or Committee. The program has two main objectives: to inform policy-makers on key science-related issues and to educate scientists on the policy process. Chris Avery, an ACS Congressional Fellow from 2011-2012, was selected to work in the office of Senator Christopher Coons (D-DE). After being placed on the Senator’s Energy & Environment team, Chris worked on the Master Limited Partnerships Parity Act, a bill that sought to even discrepancies in the tax code between fossil fuels and renewable energy. “It’s easy to dismiss how things on the Hill function, and importantly, why they function that way, when one hasn’t spent time here to understand it,” said Chris.

The ACS Science Policy Fellow is integrated for one to two years with the ACS Office of Public Affairs staff to inform policy-makers about contemporary science issues, to promote recommendations on science policy, and to keep ACS members involved in policy-making. Fellows may pursue a variety of topics, including energy policy, environmental policy, federal affairs, and other critical issues. Fellows can attend Congressional and federal advisory committee meetings, an excellent way to learn about an issue and to witness the beginning of the political discussion surrounding it.

Caroline Trupp Gil, the Assistant Director for Federal Relations in the ACS Office of Public Affairs, manages the ACS policy fellowships. “The single most important skill is communication and being able to apply your science training to situations where you will be the only scientist in the room,” Gil said. “Science is going to be one component of multiple factors of any policy challenge.”

The application deadline for the 2015-2016 fellowships is December 31, 2014. ACS Fellows receive a stipend, allowances for travel, and health insurance. Find more information and apply online at http://www.acs.org/content/acs/en/policy/policyfellowships.html.

2014-2015 NSYCC Election Results

The election results are in:

Chair: Jackie O’Neil
Chair-Elect: Felicia Lucci
Career Chair (and Webmaster!): Catie Rawlins
Social Chair: Ray Borg
Publicity Chair: Primrose Nimnark
Secretary: Alyssa  Napier
Treasurer: Kyle Cole
Congratulations to all the board members. Looking forward to a great term!